Dear Anthony – I am so happy with my new roof, THANK YOU Pyramid Roofing Corp! You made the process of getting a new roof so easy. I appreciate the time you spent helping us make the best choices, dealing with our insurance company and the quickness of getting the job done once it was a go. You even got Direct TV out to reattach our satellite TV. We also have a noticeable temperature change in the house with your recommended placement of roof vents – we are extremely happy with that!

I’m also very thankful for Pyramid Roofing Corp repairing my roof before we could get a claim in. Your guys made repairs, replaced wood and got my roof serviceable for the time being. Your willingness to climb on my roof to do a good and thorough inspection (several times) to get me the most for my money is well appreciated.

Your roofers’ conscientiousness in cleaning up after is really appreciate as well. When I got home, it was like nothing ever happened and I had a beautiful new roof! In the past, a roofing company spilled nails and didn’t clean up – it ended up causing me to get a new tire. So the extra time and care your guys spent is much appreciated.

You and Pyramid Roofing Corp went above and beyond for me. I look forward to recommending your services and company to everyone I come across who needs roofing repair and replacement. I couldn’t ask for better quality and workmanship for such a great price! Thank you again!

Trisha R. Rush
Colorado Springs