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Hail/Wind Damage

Hail and Wind Damage Insurance Claims

Pyramid Roofing Corp specializes in replacing roofs damaged by hail and wind.  

We have replaced many roofs in El Paso County and can give you expert advice on how to proceed with your Insurance Company.  We have worked with every major insurance company in El Paso county.

We have developed excellent relationships with most of the insurance companies and insurance adjusters who inspect your roof during the claims process.

Pyramid Roofing Corp offers free inspections to determine if your roof, siding, gutters, fence and any other piece of personal property has been damaged by hail or wind. 

We strongly recommend you call us first before you call your insurance company.  We know exactly what the insurance adjusters are looking for in terms of hail and/or wind damage and will guide you through the process in the most honest and effective way possible.  We will give you accurate feedback in regards to your roof and make sure you don’t file a claim if there is not enough damage.

Claim Filing Process

The first step is to determine whether or not the damage on your roof justifies filing a claim.  Filing an insurance claim is simple and we can assist you with calling in the claim.  We have a list of phone numbers to all the major insurance company’s claim departments.  We know exactly when and where the last storm hit.  We keep records of when the larger storms have hit the area over the past several years.  Your insurance company will ask you this information when you file your claim.

Meeting the Adjuster

If your roof is damaged and we file a claim, we will meet with your adjuster when he comes to inspect your roof.  This is the most important step in the entire process.  When your insurance company calls you to schedule a time to look at your roof, it’s important to call us so we can meet him or her on your roof.  It is much easier for us to explain to your adjuster why your roof needs to be replaced when he or she is looking at it for the first time rather than after he has denied your roof claim.  We represented homeowners who called their insurance company first and had very little success getting their roof replaced by their insurance company until they called us and had us meet the adjuster on their roof.  The other important issue is making sure the adjuster includes everything on his or her estimate.  Since we are with the adjuster during the initial inspection, we verify and confirm their estimate is accurate.

Administrative Process

Once the adjuster decides to replace your roof, we will handle the entire administrative process for you, including sending the final invoice to the insurance company so you receive all of your insurance money. The insurance company will still provide you with a copy of your claim report.  We will review this report with you and explain the information in detail.

Your Cost

Pyramid Roofing Corp agrees to perform your roof replacement per the specifications and pricing estimate provided by your insurance company.  This means you will have no extra out of pocket expense.  This makes the process very smooth and efficient.  Your insurance company will send all the checks to you and you can pay us as the job progresses.  Your insurance company will usually hold back part of the money, which is called depreciation, until the roof is completed and we send them a final invoice.