Dear Tom Beard,

I need to personally thank Pyramid Roofing Corps crew for the amazingly thorough job
they did to our roof. Not only did the roof look great, but so did the yard after their clean-up. Another thank you must be told for doing a honorable thing.

My neighbors called me to come over to their house. They told me that a check that I lost was returned to them! Yes, I lost a check the neighbors wrote out to me. In the snowstorm a week ago, I was coming home and realized the check was missing. I did not endorse it and really started to panic. I had to call the neighbors about the mishap. Your crew found it in the snow, looked at the address and promptly returned it to them. We are so very grateful and honored to see such a respectful and honest act. Please thank every crew member for returning the check.

Monique Clemens
Falcon, Colorado